African Grey  parrot belongs to the family of Psittacidae, one of the three families of true parrots. The other two families of true parrots are Psittrichasiidae and Psittaculidae. These all three families of true parrots descend from the family “Psittacoidea” . Macaws also belong to the family of these Grey Parrots.

African Grey Parrot

African Grey  parrot is a grey coloured, medium sized with red or maroon tail. The average weight is 400 grams. Length of this parrot is 33 cm and an average wingspan of 46–52 cm.

African Greys are also very famous for their longer life periods. They can live as many years as an human being can. Sometimes they live longer than their owners. Interesting ?

The average age of African Grey Parrot is 60-70 years.

This bird is also valued for its high sensitivity and incredible empathy with humans. He feels our deepest emotions, moods, energy, and these are reflected in their behavior.

Types of African Gray Parrots:

There are two main types of African Gray Parrots.

  1. The Congo African Grey (CAG)
  2. The Timneh African Grey (TAG)

Some says that there are 3 main type of African Greys and the third one they mention is “Ghana or West African Parrot“, it’s similar to the earlier mentioned Congo African Grey.

There are two or more unique and new types too. Indeed, the grey Gabon may be albino (white with red tail), lutino (yellow pigmentation), incomplete blue (white tail), “grizzles” (slightly pinkish found in feathers) and Parino (light gray). There are also individuals with pink / red feathers, but it is not a mutation, but an aberration of plumage.

African Greys is most intelligent of all know species of parrots. It loves the human company and hate loneliness. They are surely the most gregarious parrots. In the wild, they live band from 100 to 200 (and sometimes more) individuals and remains in the same group during the breeding season.


African Grey Parrot Habitat


The African Grey Parrot is endemic to the Congo, Africa &  lives in the rainforest under the “arch” between 15 and 25 meters above the ground. Excellent climber, almost exclusively arboreal, it is rarely found on the ground, it is quite clumsy in walking on the ground. It descends only to drink at the lakes and rivers around which usually installs its colony.

In the wild, their diet is rich in vegetable fat protein and vitamin A. It is fond of palm nuts (rich in fat and vitamin A), seeds of the coffee and palm fruit (elaeis guinensis). His digestive system is perfectly suited to this kind of diet.

Because of the density of the rainforest, the grey must fly above the trees, sometimes up to an altitude of 700 meters.


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