African Grey Parrots Cages & Housing

To ensure best friendly environment for your pet, you should be careful while selecting African Grey Parrots cages and housing. Cage material, size, location, lightening and air purification matter a lot to give best housing environment to your AGP.

Ideal Size for African Grey Parrots Cages

The ideal sizes for African Grey Parrots Cages are 2 feet deep by 3 feet wide by 4 feet high (61 x 91 x 122 cm). And, having a big tray at the bottom would be great. African Grey Parrots Cages with top full of hanged toys and playable materials are best choice than simple boring ones.New Large Top Perch Ladder African Grey Parrot Cage, Include Seed Guard and Stainless Steel Cups

Always avoid to buy a rounded cage for African Grey Parrots & prefer to buy a square cage. It’s good for their climbing habits and keep them happy.

After living with an African Grey named Raja (my baby) for last 20 years, I would personally recommend you to buy a wider and deeper cage. Wider cages give more space to play for African Grey Parrots.

Guide for African Grey Parrots’ cages and housing

Here; We have tried to enlist the best African Grey Parrots Cages & housing ideas. Hopefully, this will be helpful for you to take buying decision for a new cage.


 Location of Cage in your House:

After choosing the right cage to place your parrot in, you have to find the ideal place in your home as well. As African Grey is a pretty timid/fearful bird. It would be recommended to place cage higher where he/she can feel secure. Trees, vines and ropes and perches hanging from the ceiling are good high point for Grey Parrots. Such places are really favourable for these highly incredible birds for comforting, relaxing and mimicking human speeches. 

Try to place the cage where parrot can have interaction with people.

Also avoid to place the cage where drafts occur or too much sunlight comes in to the home. The parrot needs to be seen and heard, but too much traffic is not the best option either.

Most African Greys’ cages seem to place in dining and living rooms, but remember not to expose the cage on all sides so they will still have a secure feeling when in their home.

This amazing genius bird feels good if feels secure and safe. They understand the roundabout environment. Always notify the grey about your intentions before handling or stroking. This will make the parrot more responsive. Grey parrots don’t like surprises.

The cage should not be placed near the main entrance door of the house. Nobody loves disturbance, than how can you expect it from your pet? Ensure little bit privacy by placing the cage on less traffic idea or area where only family members have access. So, your AG can have more moments of calm, comfort.

Lightening & Air Purification in Cage Area:

Birds & parrots have tetra-chromic vision (4 color light vision including ultraviolet).  So a full color light bulb must be present in the cage area. A normal household incandescent bulb/Monochromatic Light Bulb is not a good choice for your parrot.

African Greys are very sensitive and the air purifier should also be there to provide them clean and germ free air. Air containing dust particles may be harmful for them.



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