Get a Free Cage for Your Parrot


Free Cage for ParrotsHello ! All parrots owner ! African Grey Parrots dot Net is offering a nice giveaway. It is totally sponsored by www.AfricanGreyParrots.Net. And gift will be bought and shipped via Amazon.

Rules are very simple.

  • Multiple entries will not be accepted. So do it once and do it right.
  • None of our employee will be able to particle.
  • You can make entries till 19th of September.

So follow the following step to participate.

Step 1 :

Follow African Grey Parrot on Facebook. Simply click the “Like” button and step one will be completed.

Step 2:

Share this with your friend and parrot lovers. Hit the share button below.

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Step 3:

Comment to tell us that why you need this free cage and how it can help your parrot.

Please note that all the above steps are important and don’t miss any of these even accidental. Winner will be announced on 20th of September. So participate and ask your friends to participate too. Best of luck 🙂

  • Sofia Khan

    I love my parrot & I want to win this cage for him. 🙂

  • Michelle Massara

    If I win ? I would like to donate it to a parrot that need’s it .

    • Reynan Rivera

      Hehe i wish that you will win this 🙂

  • Lucy Hart

    I could use Odin’s old cage as an outside cage, so he can spend time outside. Odin thinks he needs to be outside more

  • Reynan Rivera

    I dont have a cage for my rescued Grey.. I just bought him a small cage.. Maam Michelle Massara knows the story behind it.. Thanks for this! I wish that i could have it for my bird..

  • Christina Lynn Claypool

    I’d love to have this for my timneh african grey as her own cage is showing its age and is large and bulky and not in great shape anymore. I would love a new cage for her and would be foreever greatful.

  • Chaplain Tom Weems

    I have a TAG and have a good cage. I want this cage to start fostering CAGs and TAGs with the local parrot rescue here in Florida. The have a huge need for foster parents and I am learning how to do rehabilitation.

  • Mich

    My rescued CAG came with his cage but it is peeling paint and starting to rust. He’s my best friend and this would be great to win this for him.

  • Jenn Lehman Sawchyn

    If I win it will better then what my boy has now he was left at my house by his previous owners and I love him dearly now

  • Ghulam Murtaza

    I have African Grey pair, i want to give them this gift.

  • MissNuha S.

    I got a young CAG few weeks ago. He was handed to me by his previous owner who “couldn’t handle his screaming ” when I first got him, he was in a very tiny birds’ cage with no room to even stretch properly. I knew at that time that he cannot be kept in that tiny cage and since then I had him on top of the cage. and GUESS WHAT!! that little screaming machine became a much happier enjoyable parrot that rarely screams and I couldn’t be happier !! Until I realized that I don’t have a safe place where I can keep him in when I’m back to collage after two weeks( since the family I live with would not allow me to keep him free-roaming without my supervision ) thus I started my search for a proper cage that will keep him safe and happy parrot at the same time.

  • Hana<3Jacko

    i was handed jacko, my now three year old TAG african grey, after an accident happened: jacko belonged to a far family member who wanted to get his house sprayed to get rid of pests, and he forgot jacko in the house only to remeber her midway and he quicly returned to find her on the cage floor with froth coming out of her nostrils and mouth, so he quickly got her out of the house to an area with fresher air, he cleaned her and gave her water to drink. miraculously she survived but was feeling unwell, she got a pimple on her tounge and that made it harder to eat anything and so her owner would use a syring to feed her mashed food or water, but it would not go away and so he used a pin to pop it and he cleaned that rea and gave jacko some painkillers-in two days her tongue was back to normal. But after that the hammatan season came and because of how dry and hot it was, the parrot’s feathers kept falling off. She went through a lot and her owner had to travel elsewhere and i accepted to take care of her in the meantime. jacko was a bit violent and had a temper and a knack for biting fingers but on most occasions she is a sweet heart. i have had her for a year now (since her owner saw that she was better off with us and she was much healthier than he last saw her) and i would really like to give her a bigger and better cage now that her health is restored and her feathers have fully grown- her wings are now stronger and take up more space and she looks more better. I and my mom are very attached to her and she has now gotten used to the house and the family as well. She has learnt some new words too. her cage is getting old and small for her…she keeps biting the bars trying to pry them open to get uot and so i would really love to get her a new spacious cage.

  • Milan Joshi

    i have a breeding pair of gray and one tamed i bought at just but my new one is disturbing to old breeding pair so i want to separate them to each cage and i can’t find comfort cages in India or i dnt know where can i get new cage