Health Signs in African Grey

A healthy parrot looks happy and keeps you happy. So observing your parrots and making sure that you parrot is healthy is very important. After a good observation and experiences, we have noticed some health signs too. And we would like to share with you too.

Healthy parrots keep itself busy in different activities and play around. It’s talks and react to any stimulus. African Grey Parrots keep on climbing the cage and play with their toys and talk too much when they are healthy.

Healthy bird also own an healthy and shiny feather coat. Bright eyes is also a healthy sign.

Other Health sings are:

Bright and clear eyes

Clear & Clean Nares (Nostrils)

Normal Respiration

Standing posture on the perch

Feathers arranged and smooth

Feet are smooth and soft, not flaking

Another very important point of observation that most of the bird owners always mention is the color and consistency of the faeces/poop of the bird. Moist and dark green or brownish faeces/poop is a sing of good health in African Grey Parrots.

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