Signs of Illness in African Grey

Birds are very sensitive to all kind of diseases and they become severely ill in a very short period of time. And if not noticed they may die. (That’s the worst condition). We tried to enlist the early signs of illness in African Grey Parrots and it may help you to observe your parrot for any ill sign.

Most common signs of illness are rough feathers, watery nares & watery &¬†rough looking eyes. Parrots also don’t respond to most of the activities and become dull/depressed. Ill bird also stop eating or they eat less than the usual routine.

Common signs of illness:

Less Activity

Watery Faeces/poop (Diarrhoea)

Weight Loss

Rough Feathers



Loss of balance

Swollen/Red/Sunken Eyes

Excessive head pressing with cage or head shaking


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